11 Marvellous Things To Do this Father’s Day


Looking for a meaningful and memorable way to spend Father’s Day?

Whether you’re spending the day with your dad, uncle, grandad, brother or best friend, make sure he feels the love this Sunday… And surprise him to a day he’ll never forget with some of these amazing, awesome and adventurous activities for Father’s Day!


1) Treat him to an ice cream!

Nothing beats a scrumptious ice cream, and we’ve got a flavour for everyone (Sweet Sludge Fudge, salted caramel, strawberry shortcake, raspberry sorbet, to name but a few… Ooooh!)

2) Challenge him to a game of Zippy Races

No one can resist a challenge, especially when it involves whizzing along a zip line through the woods. And it doesn’t even matter who the winner is when the game is this much fun!

3) Go on a scavenger hunt

Get outdoors together and work as a team to find hidden treasures or tokens. Top Twiggle Tip: our Puzzling Park Trail is a great way to do a scavenger hunt without putting the time or hard work into creating one!

4) Let him relive his childhood & play together!

Every dad secretly wishes that they didn’t have to grow up, so why not let Father’s Day be the one day he doesn’t have to? Play hide and seek or a game of “it”, go on a slide or two, complete a muddled maze, challenge him to a race…

5) Collect memories and mementos for a scrapbook

Take some fun selfies, collect interesting leaves, doodle some silly drawings – whatever will spark fond memories from your time spent together is the perfect thing to add to a scrapbook that you can look back on in years to come.

6) Build a den together

If there’s one thing all dads love, it’s showing off their den-building skills! Let Dad unleash his inner architect/builder/survivalist as you work together to create a woodland home fit for any woodland creature.

7) Take a boat ride

No boat driving skills required, just hop on a BeWILDerboat, kick back, and relax! Just make sure no one tries to go fishing along the way…

8) Enjoy a delicious picnic

A hamper with all his favourite snacks, a comfy blanket, and a brilliant spot (like Leaflette’s Lawn!) – the ideal ingredients for a perfect picnic!

9) Make a curious craft together

If one of his hobbies is getting creative and making stuff, then this is a great way to bond! If you’re visiting the woods this Father’s Day, head over to the Big Hat and make a ‘BeWILD Forever Crown’ for you both to adorn during your adventure. (Psst, you could even pop your craft into your scrapbook!)

10) Get your faces painted

Add a super fun finishing touch to your outing with some fantastic face paint! You can’t help but feel like a big kid again when your face is adorned with some sparkling stars… Plus your amazing appearance will make those selfies look eeeeven better!

11) Go wildlife spotting

The WILD woods are the perfect spot to catch a glimpse at some British wildlife. Squirrels, butterflies, robins, rabbits, ducks and even herons – all of these and more call BeWILDerwood their home, making it a wonderful place to take part in your very own wildlife watch.


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