If you’re looking to keep your Twiggles busy at home, we’ve created some lovely learning activities for you. We'll be posting lots of twiggletastic activities on this page!

Design a FarTree Shoe

What you will need:

Paper, pencil, colouring pens or pencils.


BeWILDerwood Spot the Difference!

Uh oh! It looks like Hazel the Witch has cast a spell over this soopa party picture – There are 8 things that have changed! Can you and your little ones find all the differences?

Think you’ve got them all? Check the answer sheet! 


Home & Garden Scavenger Hunt

Find and identify natural and interesting objects around the home and in the garden. Explore your surroundings, collect specific items and discuss what’s unique, interesting and different about them.

You can even share your findings with us online!


How many Twiggles & Boggles can you spy?

Let us know how many Boggles and Twiggles you can spot in this picture!

Think you’ve got them all? You can find the answers here!


Garden WILD Spy

There’s WILD & wonderful things to be found in the garden, didn’t you know? Use our next daily activity sheet to take part in our Garden WILD Spy!

Let us know if you find them all and share any pictures you take!


Colouring-in Competition – entries now closed!

We would just love to see your artistic skills so we’re offering a huge BeWILDer-bundle of goodies for one lucky winner of our colouring in competition!

Download this lovely illustration of Swampy the Boggle and show off your creative flair! No printer at home? Feel free to use Paint on your computer!

Swampy will be choosing his favourite design on Monday 30th March so you’ve got the whole weekend to enter! Send them to us on social media or to [email protected]

Good luck WILD explorers!

P.S. Grown-ups are welcome to enter toooooo!


Adventure Stick

Go on a mini adventure around your home and garden, collecting small and interesting things as you go. What will you find?

Once you have collected your items, attach them to your Adventure Stick to tell a story of your journey!


Dot-to-Dot – BeWILDerBat!

Who likes a dot-to-dot? Who doesn’t!

We hope you enjoy this fabulous dot-to-dot activity!

What curious character from BeWILDerwood is this?

We’d just love to see your finished pictures, you can share them with us on social media!


Dance like a Twiggle!

Let’s get up and about today with DANCE!

Be inspired by the Twiggles and their soopa dance moves and use our activity sheet for today!

Why not use a camera to capture your Twiggle-tastic moves?


Spot Swampy!

Where’s Swampy? Uh oh, we’ve lost him! Can you find Swampy in this picture? He’s hiding! Let us know if you find him…

Psssst! Did you spot him? Here is the answer!


Make your own Twiggle Turret!

Bring the magic of BeWILDerwood home by making your own Twiggle Turrets!

Using everyday items around the house, follow our easy-peasy activity sheet and get crafting! You never know, a Twiggle may move in…

Don’t forget to share your creations with us on social media, the Twiggles would just love to see them!


Colour in our Crocklebog!

Mildred loved seeing your drawings of Swampy SO MUCH that she would love to see this image of her coloured in, too!

Download this lovely illustration of Mildred the Crocklebog and show off your creative flair!

No printer at home? Feel free to use paint on your computer!


Make your own Boggle Bunny Ears!

Take inspiration from Cedric the Easter Bunny and make yourself a soopa doopa pair of Boggle Bunny Ears! Make use
of materials around the home or garden, such as empty cardboard boxes, scrap paper and pretty leaves.

Decorate your marvellous ears with fab drawings, stickers, ribbons and anything else that takes your fancy!