Yippeee, opening dates & tickets for 2022 have been released!

We reopen on 12th February for half term.

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Boggle Wish Bonfire

Saturday 12th Feb – Sunday 20th Feb

Yippeee! The woods reopen for February half term, so brush off those winter cobwebs and come & run WILD!

Swampy, the Marsh Boggle, wishes for many things, like more Bogglebutt parties, a winning Bogglebutt joke (that wish will never come true!) and most of all he wishes he was brave. What would you wish for? The one thing you don’t need to wish for is a Flickering Wish Stick! Because you can make your very own Flickering Wish Stick at the Big Hat and then use Ticklechin’s ear trumpet to whisper, whirl and flick your wish to the Boggle Wish Bonfire. When the flames of the fire flicker and change, it means that Ticklechin has heard your wish… you might need to whisper your wish quite loudly.

Join the Wondrous Teller of Tales at the Storytelling Stage where you can meet all of your BeWILDerwood friends in Swampy’s big adventure, ‘A Boggle at BeWILDerwood!’ And in a new, magical story, ‘WILD Whirling Wishes!’

12pm & 2pm: A Boggle at BeWILDerwood
1pm & 3pm: WILD Whirling Wishes


11am – 4pm
Craft your very own Flickering Wish Stick at the Big Hat to help whirl and flick your wish into the Boggle Wish Bonfire!

Face Painting
11am – 4pm
Visit the Face Paint Pavilion and have your face festooned with a swirl of stars to feel truly sparkly!

Park Trail
Follow the WILD Wishes trail through the woods! Find the six Twiggle tree vines of colourful pinecones. With each one you will discover a WILD Wish! Wish you could have a sooopa BeWILDerwood badge? Find all six and your wish will be granted!


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