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Hazel’s Very Wondrous Wand

18th - 19th and 25th - 26th September

Hazel, the Good Wood Witch has lost her most wondrous wand. It has gone for a wander! How very inconvenient, especially as Hazel needs it for growing her magical pumpkins. It is not long before the wand is causing all sorts of magic and mischief in the woods, led astray by the notoriously sneaky Snagglefang and his gang of BeWILDerbats. Teehee! I mean, oh dear, poor Hazel.

Run WILD at Hazel's Wondrous Wands at BeWILDerwood Norfolk


Craft you very own Wondrous Wand! Take it to the Storytelling Stage for our 1 o’clock and 3 o’clock story where you can use it to help Hazel cast some rather magical spells!

Crafts during Hazel's Wondrous Wands at BeWILDerwood Norfolk


A Boggle at BeWILDerwood: Swampy embarks on an adventure to find out why the Scaaaaary Lake is SO scaaaaary. Will he discover the truth or get eaten by the Thornyclod Spider, never to be seen again?  Join him in his perilous journey to the Black Marshes and beyond!

Hazel’s Very Wondrous Wand: Just when Hazel needs her most wondrous wand for growing her magic pumpkins, it has gone for a wander! And now, it is meddling in magic and causing all sorts of mayhem! Can you help Hazel win back her wand or will it be forever wandering wild in the woods?


Storytelling during Hazel's Wondrous Wands at BeWILDerwood Norfolk


Look out for the five BeWILDerbats who have been meddling with Hazel’s wand. They have made all sorts of things go wrong in the woods! Complete your tricksy Trail Sheet and show it to a Twiggle at Grubbles Greeting Gate on your way home to win a wondrous badge!

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  • Snagglefang’s Season of Sneakery