Mildred’s Magnificent Messy Fete

Saturday 23rd May - Sunday 31st May

It’s time for our annual magnificently messy fete and spring celebrations!

Mildred, the Crocklebog resident of the Scaaaaary Lake, would like you to join her in some maypole dancing – she has been practicing for weeks! Swirl and twirl to help wake up our bugs for spring at the 2pm story at the storytelling stage. Absolutely everyone can have a go at the great BeWILDerwood tradition of Maypole Mayhem!

But of course, it wouldn’t be May half term if we didn’t have some messy fun and games… and the Grubbles Messy Mini Games are back! A series of fete style activities, with a Boggle and Twiggle twist of course! Who can dash the Moon Spoon course the fastest, or knock down all the Thornyclod’s crockery with a crash?

It’s a beautiful time of year to play in a woodland so make sure to look around as you race across treetop bridges and zoom along the zip wires.

Want to get into the fabulous spirit of things? Visit our Face Paint Pavilion for a splash of sparkle and make a Crocklebog Cap in the crafty Big Hat, all inclooosive. How lovely! We have lots of costumes for you to wear at the Storytelling stage – and would just love, love, love it if you visited us in a costume of your very own!

Let’s dance, skip and bounce our way into Spring!

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