Parasquawk’s Flight of Very Fancy Colours

28th May - 5th June
Yippeeee, it’s May half term and a glorious time of year to visit the woods and have a WILD family adventure! Whoooosh down the Slippery Slopes, fly through the trees and climb to the top of the Sky Maze and you will notice that the woods are blossoming into some very fancy colours, just like our feathered friends, the Parasquawks! Spot the Parasquawks and run WILD with all our rather curious creatures in this very fanciful adventure for May half term!


11am / 1pm / 3pm
Flight of Fancy Colours
The Parasquawks are preparing for their annual aerobatic flying display! You can learn some of their most plucky moves! The Parasquawks’ display can be full of daring and danger! Are you ready to loop-the-loooop?

12pm / 2pm
Boggle at BeWILDerwood
The fantastical tale on which BeWILDerwood is based! Swampy embarks on an adventure to find out why the Scaaaaary Lake is so scary. Will he discover the truth or get eaten by the Thornyclod Spider, never to be heard of again? Join him in his perilous journey to the Black Marshes and beyond!


11am – 4pm

Make your very own flying Parasquawk and wing your way over to the Storytelling Stage for its first flying lesson! Ooo!

Face Painting
11am – 4pm

Visit the Face Paint Pavilion and have your face festooned with a fancy feather and flutter your way through the woods!


Puzzling Park Trail

Parasquawk Spotting!
Look for five colourful feathers in the woods. At each one you will find a Parasquawk perching in his most favourite place. Find them all and jot down the colour of each feather you spot to win a very fancy badge!

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