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Parasquawk’s Flight of Very Fancy Colours

Saturday 29th May – Sunday 6th June

PAQUAAAAAAR! That is the sound of a colourful bird called a Parasquawk who lives high up in the Sky Maze! He must have spotted a WILD Explorer in the woods! Maybe, scrambling through the Treetop Tangles braving the Broken Bridge or whooshing down the Slippery Slopes!

For May half term, Parasquawks will be everywhere in the woods preparing for their flight of very fancy colours! In fact, you can make your own Parasquawk at the Big Hat and take it for a flying lesson at the Storytelling Stage! Join Swampy and his friends and learn how to perform the very daring Beak-head Dive, Rolling Squawk, Loop-de-loop and Floating Feather Landing. Ooooh!

Of course, the Boggles and Twiggles know all too well that adventurers need a fabulous feast and some scrummy snacks to keep them going! Don’t fly-past! Stop at the Munch Bar and the Cosy Cabin for some tempting treats!  Swampy loves a Bouncing Berry Ice-pop!

PAQUAAAAR! PAQUAAAAR! Oh, there he goes again!


12pm & 2pm A Boggle at BeWILDerwood: The fantastical tale of which BeWILDerwood is based on, Swampy embarks on an adventure to find out why the Scaaaaary Lake is so scary. Will he discover the truth or get eaten by the Thornyclod Spider, never to be heard of again?  Join him in his perilous journey to the Black Marshes and beyond!

1pm & 3pm Parasquawk’s Flight of Fancy Colours: The Parasquawks are preparing for their annual aerobatic flying display! You can learn some of their most plucky moves! Hazel, the Good Wood Witch and her robin, Rosie, are standing by with feather-fixing potions and barki-bandages for any damaged beaks or claws because the Parasquarks’ display can be full of daring and danger! Are you ready to loop-de-loooop?


Make your own Parasquawk with a fabulous tail of very fancy colours at The Big Hat 11am – 4pm


As you wing your way through the woods, do have a go at some Squawk-Spotting. Look out for five colourful Parasquawks in the trees, for a chance to win a shiny prize. Do hold onto it though because Parasquawks love shiny things. Their nests are full of them!

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