Slimy Secrets of the Scaaaaary Lake

Monday 1st June - Tuesday 21st July

The secrets of the Scaaaaary Lake are about to be revealed in BeWILDerwood! Head to the 2pm story to find out what treasures (be they wonderful or slimy) our Scaaaaary Lake holds! With more curiosities to find next to the Big Hat too, this event is lots of exploratory fun for our friends who run WILD!

Don’t miss our inclooosive activities, from a colourful ‘splash’ of face paint to making your very own slipperfish craft at The Big Hat. Who will catch a slipperfish the most times out of your friends and family?

It the perfect time to run WILD, beat the holiday crowds and make beautiful memories playing in our Summer woods!

This event is running Monday 1st – Saturday 20th June and Monday 22nd June – Tuesday 21st July.

Book your tickets in advance

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