The woods are now closed for winter. 

Shhh… The Twiggles & Boggles are sleeping! 

Keep an eye on our website for news about next WILD season, we can’t wait to welcome explorers back to the woods in 2022!

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Snagglefang’s Season of Sneakery

16th - 17th and 23rd - 31st October

There are strange things happening in the woods, which can mean only one thing. Snagglefang’s Season of Sneakery is upon us!

Snagglefang and the BeWILDerbats are causing all sorts of mischief. They have even got hold of a wand which belongs to Hazel the Good Wood Witch! They are so clever… I mean so naughty!

You will have a chance to see Snagglefang when you head over to the Storytelling Stage and watch him and all your Bewilderwood friends in ‘Boggle at BeWILDerwood’ and Snagglefang’s very seasonal tale, ‘BeWILDerbat Bake-off!’


A Boggle at BeWILDerwood – 11am, 1pm & 3pm
Swampy embarks on an adventure to find out why the Scaaaaary Lake is SO scaaaaary. Will he discover the truth or get eaten by the Thornyclod Spider, never to be seen again?  Join him in his perilous journey to the Black Marshes and beyond!

BeWILDerbat Bake-off – 12pm & 2pm
When Sticklenose, the smallest Twiggle in the woods gets stuck in a tree, only Snagglefang and his gang of BeWILDerbats can help! But how can Swampy and his friends convince Snagglefang, the fiercest bat in all of BeWILDerwood to help them, when all he wants to do is look cool and eat Nut-bug Crunch.


Do look out for Snagglefang’s wand-erful trail. Find the five BeWILDerbats who have been meddling in magic in the woods. They have made all sorts of things go wrong! Teehee. So sneaky of them! Heehee! No, it’s no laughing matter! Haha! They really shouldn’t! Quite funny though. Write down the letter that each bat is holding to reveal a magical word and win a sooopa sneaky BeWILDerbadge.


Oh look! A Bat has just flown out of the Big Hat! That’s because the Big Hat is the place to go and craft your very own BeWILDerbat! There goes another one!


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