The Silly Giggly Twiggly Party

23rd July - 4th September

Uh-oh, the Twiggles have ran out of Giggle Powder! Can you help them make some more for their soopa doopa Giggle Party?  Get ready for a WILD woodland adventure which is sooopa, silly, twiggly and giggly!

Reach for the trees at the top of the Towering Treetop Tangles! Whoosh down to the ground on the Slippery Slopes! Brave the Broken Bridge and whizz through the air on the Wobbly Wires like the Twiggles doooo!


11am / 1pm / 3pm
Silly Giggly Twiggly Party!
When the Twiggles run out of Giggle Powder, there is only one thing they can do! Invite all their friends to a Silly Giggly Twiggly Party to make some more! Will Swampy’s jokes make you laugh? Can the Thornyclod spider really tap-dance with all those legs? And can Minty, the loudest Crocklebog in BeWILDerwood really play the triangle? Take your best giggles, cheering and applause with you to this very entertaining but very silly giggly story.

12pm / 2pm
A Boggle at BeWILDerwood
The fantastical tale on which BeWILDerwood is based! Swampy embarks on an adventure to find out why the Scaaaaary Lake is so scary. Will he discover the truth or get eaten by the Thornyclod Spider, never to be heard of again? Join him in his perilous journey to the Black Marshes and beyond!

11am – 4pm

Create your own Curious Crocklebog Crown or Tip-Top Tiara at the Big Hat and wear it to the Storytelling Stage for the ‘Silly Giggly Twiggly Party!’

Face Painting
11am – 4pm

Visit the Face Paint Pavilion and adorn your face with silly stars and funny flowers!

Puzzling Park Trail

Towering Flowering Trail
Use the clues on your Trail Sheet to help you find five funny flowers growing in the woods. Discover them all and doodle each one! Then show the Twiggle Team as you leave to win a funny little badge! Ooo!

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