Boggle Wish Bonfire

Mon 17th February - Sun 23rd February

It’s a brand-new year at BeWILDerwood and the air is full of wishes!

Come to the fire side with a pinecone you have found in the park, write a wish for someone you love, and send it into the flames through our wonderful Wish Whirly-gig! The Twiggles will listen to your wishes* from their tree-houses as the smoke swirls by… and might just make it come true!

Don’t worry about the brisk February air! You will soon warm up scrambling through the Sky Maze and racing across the Broken Bridge and you can even hop, skip and jump over to the Munch Bar for oodles of yummy hot treats… (Swampy loves scrummy hot chocolates the best!)

Every day of half term we have a range of inclooosive activities! Make your very own Wish Whirler in the Big Hat and visit our Face Painting Pavilion to get ‘twiggled-up’, ready for storytelling. Meet the characters of BeWILDerwood on the storytelling stage and bring your Wish Whirler to learn how you can help Hazel, the Wood Witch cast her sooopa spells in our interactive shows!

The best way to explore the woods is trying to find our Twiggle-tastic trail! The inhabitants of BeWILDerwood have made one BIG wish to share with you! Can you find the characters with their pinecones hidden around the park? Use the letter on their pinecones to discover BeWILDerwood’s big wish and you will win a sooopa prize!

*Don’t forget – you must make a big wish for someone else. It won’t come true if it’s for yourself!