Here at BeWILDerwood we love putting on special events every single day! From fancy dress parties, storytelling, twiggle trails, puppet shows, lantern parades and lots of craft making activities. There’s ooodles of fun things to do…
6th June to 22nd July
Just what are the Grubbles doing in BeWILDerwood? Where are the Boggles going with all those socks? And why is Mildred the Crocklebog looking a little less green than usual…?
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The Silly Giggly Twiggly Party
23rd July to 4th September
Uh-oh, the Twiggles have ran out of Giggle Powder! Can you help them make some more for their soopa doopa Giggle Party?  Get ready for a WILD woodland adventure which is sooopa, silly, twiggly and giggly!
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