Here at BeWILDerwood we love putting on special events every single day! From fancy dress parties, storytelling, twiggle trails, puppet shows, lantern parades and lots of craft making activities. There’s ooodles of fun things to do…
Swampy’s Sooopa String Vest Quest
to 12th April - 23rd May
The Twiggles can't wait for you come & play and join in all our inclooosive activities & help Swampy on his quest to find is favourite string vest!
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Parasquawk’s Flight of Very Fancy Colours
to Saturday 29th May – Sunday 6th June
Parasquawks are everywhere in the woods at the moment, preparing for their flight of very fancy colours!
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BeWILD and (Grown-ups go) Freeee!
to 19th & 20th June
Grown-ups play for free* for one weekend only! This year, the Twiggles & Boggles wanted to do something especially lovely for all the grown-ups (who have to do lots of boring grown-up stuff), so for one weekend only they can come & play at BeWILDerwood for freeeee*!
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