We’re closed, boo!

The Twiggles & Boggles are now hibernating for the winter, brrr.
Keep an eye out for our when we announce our 2021 opening dates – yippee!

We look forward to seeing you run WILD again sooooooon!

Exciting news from the woods! Get ready for the most magical event of the year!

Tickets for our most magical event of the year are now on sale!

Join us for A New Adventure and see the woods sparkle like never before! See the park in a new light and watch the story unfold as you journey through the woods. A magical adventure for Boggles who are neither brave nor bold! (It’s spooky, not scary!)

“This year, due to the current situation, we’re having to change the way we do things to ensure we can safely manage the evening, whilst doing our best-est to deliver a truly marvellous (spooky not scary) lantern parade, which will mean more preparation, more Twiggle Team members, and most importantly, more magic!

To make sure we get it right, and to keep everyone safe, we will be closing the park to day visitors at 5pm and re-opening the park from 5.30pm to those lovely folk who want to experience BeWILDerwood at night. Visitors in the evening will need to arrive within a set time frame, where they will be able to explore the woods (via a new secret entrance!) and once again, see the beauty of BeWILDerwood at night, and perhaps see a few old friends along the way too!

The Twiggles and Boggles are so excited to have the opportunity to put on a brand new Glorious Glowing Lantern Parade. Not only will it follow a soopa spangly new route, through parts of the woodland that the public haven’t had a chance to explore before, but they are also working hard to sprinkle plenty of extra giggle dust and magic on the parade with new lights, sounds and experiences. Delivering this event as we have done in previous years, just would not be possible during the current climate, so this new event will allow visitors to experience the incredible magic of the Glorious Glowing Lantern Parade in a whole new light!”

See the full Press Release.

For all the info and to book tickets, whizz over to the Event Page, weeeee!


Run WILD and Play Safe