Top Tips for Staying Cool in the Sun


Looking for some helpful ways to keep cool during the heatwave? We’ve jotted down some of our top tips below to make sure everyone makes the most of the summer sunshine and stays safe in the hot weather…

Stay hydrated
Make sure you’ve always got plenty of water to hand! You can always buy a bottle or two at Munch Bar or Cosy Cabin if you’re running low (or even get your reusable bottles topped up at these spots if you ask the Twiggle Team extra nicely!)

Cover up and wear a hat
Be a clever Twiggle and make sure you’re protected against the sun’s rays. Wear loose fitting clothes that cover your skin (also important when whizzing down our Slippery Slopes!) and keep sun-cream topped up throughout the day.

Grab an ice cream
If you ever needed an excuse to eat ice cream, this is it! BeWILDerwood Norfolk sells delicious ice cream from Ronaldo, the perfect treat to help you cool down in the hot weather.

Take breaks in the shade
BeWILDerwood is lovely and shady under the leafy canopy, meaning there are plenty of spots for a cool down!
Psst, some of the best spots for shade can be found at Den Building, the Sky Maze, Tricky Tunnels, and Leaflette’s Lawn.

Make DIY ice packs
Don’t throw out that old plastic bottle – fill it with water, pop it in the freezer overnight, and you’ve got a handy ice pack! Not only can it keep your packed lunch cool, it’ll also help keep you cool – especially if you hold it against your wrists, temples, neck and even behind the knees!

Have you got your very own top tip for keeping cool? Why not share with the Twiggle Team on social media, Google or Tripadvisor?

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